About Me

The Background

👋🏿 Originally from The Bronx, New York my name is Preston Perriott and I've been privileged enough to have spent the first few years of my career growing as a developer in the New England area.

Primarily focused on HIPAA regulated, medical devices and clinical trial development, my experiences at Johnson & Johnson and Merck have ingrained in me a passion for quality and a desire to improve the state of healthcare through technology.

Aside from tech, I've recently moved back to NYC, this time Brooklyn of all places, and spend a decent amount of time rambling about equity, FIRE methodologies, and curating spotify playlists, making sure every moment of my day has the right soundtrack. My other love is soccer, from watching my team , to playing with friends on the weekends, soccer has always been a staple in life.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn't impart my desire to expand the role that technology plays in underprivileged communities. With the future of technology dependent on the developers we create today, we must stress the importance of educating our youth; and being the change we hope to see.

API/Architecture Design

Cloud Technologies

Web App Development

iOS App Development

6+ years of corporate experience using
Javascript, Typescript, Python, C#, Swift

Node, React, Pandas, Bash, CI/CD & Scrum

And What do I do exactly?

My Expertise

Web Apps

Solutions ranging from static websites, to complex dynamic applications.


The management and storage of data collections, sensitive or otherwise.

Mobile Apps

Ability to natively integrate a website, web-app or idea to any Apple device.

API Design

Creating and maintaining the scalable interactions, and logic between the UI, routes and your database.


Leveraging tools like Jenkins, SonarQube and Docker to ensure quality and provide useful metrics.

Cloud Infrastructure

AWS, and Azure Cloud experience allows for highly available, persistent and reliable pipelines.

Years of Development Experience
+ Projects and more
Lifetime Clients
Years building HIPAA compliant software

Work Experience

Senior Clinical Database Developer @ Merck February 2022 - Present

Completed the end-to-end process of setting up and rolling out clinical trials for Schizophrenia and Narcolepsy studies.

Rebuilt the ETL process that controls the ingestion of lab vendor files. Leading a team of developers, we were able to inject a low code alternative into the current pipeline that allowed developers to configure the specific transformations for that vendor. Saving the company thousands of dollars in manual manpower per month.

Led an initiative to migrate the organization from SVN to GitHub. The change management plan included preparing workshops, training subject matter experts, building working repositories and SOPs in preparation for the organizational change.

Technologist @ Zus Health March 2022 - October 2022

Worked on the ‘Universal Patient Index & Lens’ teams which directly interpreted client requests for extracting specific health data from a userbase, built in Golang. Extracting and mapping ICD, SnoMed, and CCI codes from a patient so that ailments and remedies were clear, is an example of a Lens for insurance purposes most closely related to Medicare/Medicaid systems. The underlying goal was to ingest external patient information to power an internal `Universal Patient Index` that would couple instances of a patient’s healthcare interactions into one singular universal patient.

Senior Full Stack Developer @ Johnson & Johnson July 2021 - March 2022

Led a blockchain initiative to integrate Hyper ledger technology and clinical trials.

Led a number of company wide Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives. Helped an internal project through the process of becoming open source. Assist in long term career development of engineers. Bring revenue and new projects into department.

Full Stack Developer @ Johnson & Johnson October 2018 - July 2021

Creation, maintenance and deployment of HIPAA regulated robotic surgical device in C# and .NET. Assisted with architecture design, implementation of unit tests, and conformance to industry design patterns and ecryption.

iOS Developer @ Johnson & Johnson May 2017 - October 2018

Creation, maintenance and deployment of autism and depression, and sleep apnea applications in swift and objective-C. Reduction of bugs, errors, and memory leaks in already deployed apps. Learn from and help senior devs with Node issues. Assist interns with software development process, CI/CD, Git, iOS design patterns and best practices. Staying up to date in the latest libraries, patterns and technologies revolving around Apple/iOS development.

iOS Developer @ NYG Strategic Marketing Consultants May 2016 - Sep. 2016

Developed an iOS app and simple backend for a start-up idea, "The Neighborhood". Using Amazon Web Services and Stripe the development team incorporated recurring payments, custom analytics and other custom features into the android and iOS app. Unfortunately the app was never launched.

Programmer/Instructor @ Intra City Geeks Feb. 2016 - May 2016

Taught Programming skills and concepts to middle school children at various Providence schools. With assistance from the Mayor, Intra-City Geeks was able to host a number of Hack-a-thon's throughout Providence.



  • I think it's time for a Masters degree.
  • But balancing the cost and value of the degree is most important.

Johnson & Wales University - Providence, Rhode Island

  • Spent 3.5 years studying, interning and tutoring to acquire a BS in Software Engineering.
  • Orchaestrated and took part in numerous hack-a-thons.

Johnson & Wales University - Providence, Rhode Island

  • Spent two years, concurrently with my B.S degree, studying and interning to acquire an AS in Programming.

Westchester Hebrew HighSchool - Mamaroneck, New York

  • Spent my highschool years at a modern orthodox yeshiva in Westchester New York.
My Work

(Not So) Recent Work

    Redux Boiler Plate

A boiler plate javascript web app that incorporates a front end using react hooks, and an api layer powered by node that persists data in a mongo database. Used for when I need to hoist a stable environement for a quick proof of concept.

    iOS Recipe App

An iOS recipe application created for a chef, the app incorporates a calculator for varied food metrics, and a daily curated list of recipes based on user preferences. The app utilizes an MVC pattern for code design and leverages Realm to persist data locally.

    NYC Housing Data

Just a quick python script showing off some powerful graphing functions, and how they can be used to map, mutate and give more clarity to real life data.

    Facial Detection

Another python script that leverages OpenCV to capture frames, grayscale pixles, and compare frames to find a range of interest (ROI) in the image. The 'ROI' is then processed and used to capture the face on screen. The project also has the ability to train on a set of facial images, with the hopes of classifying future pictures.

    Node Block Chain

A very simple implementation of the block chain transactional system using javascript.

    Watch Kit

An app that utilizes Apple Health Kit to send health data to an from the apple watch.

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